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horror games are fun, the scary & creepy feeling makes it fun right

kinda scary or is it just me as a scaredy (idk if wrong spelling) cat haha i get triggered so easily when it was my first time to get my character murdered i freaked out lol

Kousuke-shi bro I can't play the game in Joiplay can you give me the version without RTP bro and that version that's works with Joiplay

I just wanted to say that I'm enjoying this game, and that I appreciate all the effort that you put into making them. I hope life is treating you well, that you are doing well, and that you keep doing what you enjoy.


im just glad you didnt fill the game up with scripts to slow it down, despite being quite simplistic and the endings being pretty much alike, i still enjoyed this 30 min adventure.


You know why I get all the women? Because I don't play DORK GAMES like when YANDERES CRY.

I go to download an it takes me to the gamejolt page and then just stops loading..? ive tried the alternate download metod ive tried opening in chrome ive tried refreshing and nothing! I was really wanting it to work.. :( it looked like a nice game..


Sounds like Higurashi. Saving page in my games gonna play!


Fun stuff!


It's a good game so far but sadly it won't let me save no matter what buttons I try :( even in the tutorial it wouldn't let me save. I haven't been able to play much of it because of that.


Ahh, I forgot to update the itch version. Sorry for the inconvenience but you can download the updated version of the game at..


Thank you so much :).


Thanks for playing!


Thank you for making it, it was a wonderful game and is easily in my top 3 favorite rpg maker games. :


That is soo nice to hear!!